A lensballor lens ball is something similar to a crystal ball. The size can e small to medium but there can be some that can be a bit larger. Now, a lens all isn’t something that is used for telling fortunes except it does have a nice appeal for those that are into photography.

What you need to know about a lensball

  • The general process of a lens ball is that it bends or refracts light that passes through it. What happens is that you’ll have a different visual output depending on where the lens ball is directed.
  • Let’s say you’re pointing the lens ball in front of the tree. There are numerous results when you angle or spin the lens ball in different directions.
  • The lensball can turn that tree smaller or even invert it. You’ll be looking through the lens ball and the tree would be upside down.
  • You can get creative with it and it also relies on distance and other factors when it comes to using it. You just need to experiment and figure out what your little lens ball can do.
  • A lens ball is made of glass so this means that it will break if you’re not careful when it comes to using it. Just handle it with care and you’ll be fine. Get more Interesting details about lensball on lensball.com.au.

Where you can buy a lensball

  • They can always be available in your local stores. There should be a couple of them being sold when you find the right store. They could also be available in some photography shops if you look hard enough.
  • There’s always the internet and you can look through different websites when you want to buy them. You can browse through different websites until you find one.

Buy and use a lensball today when you really want one.