There are various considerations before you can fully install countertops with appropriate slides to ease access on things.  Here, we will focus on three aspects – clearance, extensions and weight requirement.


  • Horizontal Clearance (Width or Side).  This is the space between the width of the drawer box itself and the width of the cabinet opening. Measure from the inner wall of the cabinet to the outer wall of the drawer box.
  • Vertical Clearance (Height).  This is the space between the height of the cabinet opening and the height of the drawer box itself.  Typically, this is divided into two clearance – top and bottom.  When measuring, they are added together to get the necessary vertical clearance.
  • Back Clearance (Depth).  This is the space between the cabinet wall and the rear part of the drawer when it is closed.  Measure from the inner wall of the cabinet up to the outer wall of the back part of the drawer.


  • 3/4 extension – Part of the drawer stays inside the cabinet. There are quite a number of choices for this and a number of clients prefer this extension especially if they do not need access for the entire drawer.
  • Full extension – As the name implies, this telescopic slidesextension allows to open to the full length of the drawer slide.  Thus, showing all the items in one glance.
  • Over travel – The drawer opens more than its full length. This type of extension is typically used in areas where the countertop overhang is larger than the usual design. Get more Interesting details about telescopic slides on chambrelan.

Weight Requirement

When choosing which telescopic slides is appropriate for your use (typically your supplier will recommend which is the best) you have to clearly identify what materials will be placed on the drawers especially if these stuffs are significantly heavy.  Generally, slides are designed to handle at least 75 pounds up to 150 pounds of materials which are used in household kitchens and offices.  But for commercial kitchen, especially panty pull-outs may need heavy duty slides.