Doing and completing your research studies and activities is considered by many to be a challenging but exciting part of college life. You would get to learn a lot of things and will be able to discover brand new knowledge that you would mostly get yourself firsthand. Research projects and activities, particularly the one that we call thesis writing, is an important requirement that every college student must complete in order to graduate and earn his or her bachelor’s degree.

But then, after you finish college and earn your bachelor’s degree, you may have thought that research opportunities end there. But keep in mind that there are still more ways for you to go on with a research project that you had started.

One way is to take up a master’s degree. There is a large number of post-graduate programs offering master’s degree courses, suited to whatever course you had taken before. But if none of those programs suits your type of research, then you can actually take up a degree in Master of Philosophy. Source for more about what is an mphil.

What is Needed in Master of Philosophy

This sounds more like Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), but Master of Philosophy (mphil) has its distinction. It is a post-graduate program offered to those who have completed a bachelor’s degree and wants to pursue an independent research. It is a post-graduate course, but instead of completing units, you will mostly depend on your research project.

In order to take this, there are requirements you have to fulfill to qualify in the mphil program. Most of these are academic, and they have to be fulfilled especially if you plan to pursue on a doctorate course as well.So if you think this course best suits you, head over to enroll and start now on your new road to learning.