Drugs are used numerous medical purposes too in different parts of the world, but they are only beneficial if they are pure. Mixing in drugs has caused a lot of health problems in people and, in some cases, even death. So, it is necessary to check the purity of drugs before declaring it safe for use.

There are different types of tests that you can use to testing drugs, but one of the most reliable tests is Simon’s Reagent test. You can easily get the Simons test kit from the market and use it for testing the drugs such as methamphetamine, PMMA, and MDMA. Discover here for more information about wimscilabs.

How to use Simons’s reagent test kit?

When you get Simon’s test kit, you will find two bottles in it with different reagents in both of them. Both bottles are labeled different as A and B with a yellow and green colored label, respectively. Some simple steps to perform the test are mentioned below;

Prepare a Sample

  • The first thing you need to do is preparing a sample.
  • You can use a pill, powder, or crystal to prepare the sample.
  • You must keep the sample on a plate so that it can be handled easily and is clearly visible.

Add a few drops of reagent A

  • Now you need to pick the ‘A’ bottle and open it and then turn it upside down over the sample.
  • You must ensure that only a single drop is mixed in the powder.
  • There must be some gap between the bottle and sample so that the Reagent doesn’t get contaminated.

Add ‘B’ bottle of Reagent

  • Next, you need to add a drop of Bottle ‘B’ of Reagent to the mix.
  • When you add a drop of other Reagent, you will see some change in the color.
  • You can use Simon’s color change guide to analyze it and know the result.