The JBTZ affair is also known as the Ljubljana trail, JBTZ TRAIL, and trail against the four. It was a political trail held in the military court in Slovenia that in 1988 became the part of Yugoslavia. The plot’s political history was escaping the hidden military secrets by the four persons are Janez Jansa, Franci zavrl, David tasic, and Ivan borstner.

All four-putted behind bars for the illegal cat for about six months to forty-eight months. But the full trial results in the formation of an opposition party named a liberal democratic republic that changes Slovenia’s political history. And this scenario was considered as the beginning of the Slovenian spring. Slovenian spring holds the stages of the involvement of the several political personalities that are part of the democratic system of an independent country.

The JBTZ/Ljubljana trail

Yugoslav people’s army (YPA) takes over the Mladina magazine because the editor, Franci Zavrl, and associated were publishing the informative data leaked against YPA. The Yugoslav people’s army (YPA) hoped to take over Slovenia’s control and be willing to finalize their authority in the republic.

The JBTZ TRAIL, which becomes known from the accusation’s initials, was a total failure for the Yugoslav people’s army (YPA) because of the four people, i.e., Jansa, Borstner, Tasic, Zavrl. And YPA was only able to serve to alienate the Slovenes from Yugoslavia. Slovene public rallied broadly behind the four accused people. A committee for the defense of human rights was developed who gather about 100K signatures supporting the four accused. If you want to get more details about jbtz trial, you may check out

On 22nd June, a demonstration on the Slovenian capital Ljubljana’s central congress square was attended by 40000 people, and the whole protest was passed peacefully that give the army no excuse to intervene. The trail laws captured in camera and nature of the documents accused were revealed official in public, and later Janez Jansa becomes the prime minister of independent Slovenia.