Underwater is a place where humans do not usually go, but the chance to explore the wonder of a submerged world is a fascinating experience. Scuba diving to explore the ocean beauty and its diversity of fishes, coral reefs, and other stunning marine animals is an astounding encounter that you won’t stop doing. You can do this by snorkeling.

 To maximize your experience, here are some of the best places for snorkeling. This Snorkeling Guide from openwaterhq.com contains helpful details to pay heed to. Continue reading below:

There are oceanic places of interest that have become top picks by pro snorkelers such as the Hawaii Islands, Florida, and the Caribbean. Also, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Brazil, and Argentina’s tropical sites is a paradise for swimming and snorkeling interest.

  • Mainly in Hawaii Waikiki coastline and Molokini Crater Natural Preserve, are the utmost mainstream swimming attractions in the nation. Additionally, the water in Hawaii is at its best recommended for snorkel and scuba diving activities. There are precious stones all over and its tropical sun rays are like a microscope that allows you to observe the fishes in the water because of its clarity.  This draws an assortment of amazing colorful creatures of the sea. The flawless coral and Hawaiian turtles are eye-striking.
  • The Great Barrier Reef of Australia brags of specific collections of fishes and coral in tremendous numbers. It offers exceptional sights as well for whale drive and other huge codfish on the coastline.
  • How about snorkeling in the Cayman Islands? There are definite sites for numerous swimmers to be best enjoyed. Do not fail to witness the variety of corals, fishes, and turtles in Curacao Underwater Marine Park. The 12-mile coastline in this Marine Park has submerged boats with rainbow-shaded fishes swimming around them.

The Snorkeling Guide sites are everywhere in the world. These swimming spots have a similar variety of marine life with an astounding collection of life formations.