Being a bodyguard is definitely a distinct line of work. You put your life on the line because you can get hurt in the process. The worst thing that can happen is that you can actually die as a bodyguard. Before that happens, you have to go through a lot of rigorous training just to get your body in good condition. If you did all of that, you can be a good bodyguard somewhere down the line.

How do you become a bodyguard

The first thing that most people do is to go bodyguard school. That’s right, there are institutes and programs where people can learn to be a bodyguard.

In some areas, they require bodyguards to have licenses and certifications showing that they have passed these training procedures in the process. If you are more curious about pacific west academy then you can learn more about it on

Going to bodyguard school can take from months to a year but depends on the program and everything else within it.

There are those that just become bodyguards when they are ex-military, ex-police, or anything along the lines of being a law enforcement task.

Personal training can also be a good means of being a bodyguard. You don’t go to school but you still need to learn the things on how you can become a bodyguard.

What more do you need to know

Bodyguards need to know more than just defending or protecting their person of interest. That’s why they undergo weapons training which they can use for other purposes such as disarming.

Bodyguards can be hired for one time events or if they are under the employ of people with the need for daily security.

If needed, bodyguards are able to subdue perpetrators under the guise of self-defense so that their employer will be safe.

Being a bodyguard does sound to be a tough job but there’s a school for that for people that want to know.