Once upon a time in the 1930s, it is essential for financial institutions to make a public announcement about significant events like a closed deal, a merger or acquisition. In fact, it was mandated by the Securities Act that these be published on the newspaper. They would be printed within tombstone-shaped boxes, thus the term ‘tombstone ads’.

Tombstone ads of today are much more durable and visually appealing as they are no longer printed on the newspapers. Since the 1970s, they have evolved to trophy-like objects made out of acrylic glass. And to add more art and story, they often come with embedments of tiny objects that represent vital details in the event being commemorated.

Embedments in deal toys of today have leveled up the old financial tombstones which used to only contain captions. It would actually be easier to recall that important moment in your company’s history when you see objects that will refresh your memory. And to add, the embedments can invoke more curiosity than would an all-word Lucite tombstone.

The inclusion of embedments can make or break the final look of your Lucite deal toys so you need to be meticulous with these details. For an impressive overall outcome, see to it that…

  • The creation of the objects are flawless. They should be miniature representations of the achievement rather than funny and animated lookalikes.
  • The font style, colors and theme of the deal toy blend well with the chosen embedments. For more ideal details about deal toys tombstones, visit this site right here.
  • You entrust the creation of the deal toy to a notable supplier. This is your ultimate assurance that your Lucite deal toys will come out impressive.

Embedments may be add-ons yet you can still stay within your budget. You just have to find a deal toy supplier that will let you do so without sacrificing quality.