Everything is online. Pants optional.

Everything is online, you only need a web browser with Adobe Flash support for the video and audio.

We all meet at a given time in a chat room where you’ll get instructions to start watching the streaming video of the class.

I will present the content using slides and live coding sessions. You can ask questions at any time using the chat room. Each module will end with a period of questions and exercises.

You will never appear on video. You only need to watch the live video of the class. You ask questions in the text-based chat room.

If you miss any part of the live class you can watch the recording of it any time you want.

A computer, an internet connection and Ruby? You’re all set.
During the class, we’ll use Ruby and a bit of C. Code will be pushed using Git. You probably have most of this installed already.

What you need to know before taking this class
You should take this class if …
you know object oriented programming.
you know Ruby (some of the syntax, at least).
you’ve worked with a few programming languages.
you’ve used a dynamic language such as JavaScript, Ruby, Python or PHP.
You should NOT take this class if …
you’re getting started with programming.
you want an easy and casual class. This class is intense!
you are Guido van Rossum.
you are a pony.
you think none of this is funny. Because I believe learning should be fun, everything is done with lots of humor.